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After 40-some years on this planet, and 16 years counselling, coaching, and diving deep into human potential, this is what I discovered to be the hallmarks of true happiness:  Be authentic. Live your best self in any situation. Always expand into new capabilities. Alchemise your life lessons into a force for good in the world. Love the journey that is your life. For many people, this doesn’t come easily and it can feel like we’re pulled into a riptide.  These are the critical moments when we feel we’ve lost our grounding that we reach out for help.  That intention to live is the start of learning how to align to our true self. These hallmarks of happiness become what I call the Flow of Life and I know this too, it is already within you, waiting to activate and to shine forth in the world.


Finding flow is about vision and self discovery, and working on skills to access greater levels of awareness, motivation, and intuition. This is about taking real steps in a process that requires learning about who and what you are. Discover the transformative brain science to understand how nature made you to evolve into your highest self. Learn the psychology to understand who the best version of you is beyond the old patterns that keep resurfacing. And bring home transformative practices to understand how to heal, bring harmony into your relationships, and align with your deeper self.

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